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We develop, operate and maintain ropeways, as well as offer technical and audit consultancy services

Our focus is
quality & safety

We are pioneers in ropeway technology and have been successfully implementing and running ropeway systems for over five decades

Usha Breco Limited (UBL) takes pride in development of green field ropeway projects as a key business activity. We are the pioneers in the field of Ropeways in India with an unmatched experience of over 50 years in Development, Operations and Maintenance of Passenger and Industrial Ropeways.


Work with us right from the project conceptualization stage to its implementation. We are flexible and can work on BOT, HAM, and EPC modes for ropeway projects.

Built, Own, Operate & Transfer (BOOT) model

  • Skilled & experienced teams for;
    • Project conceptualization
    • Project development
    • Regulatory approvals
    • Financial closure
    • Vendor Management & Manufacturing
    • Installation & commissioning
    • Operation & maintenance
  • Ability to deliver financially viable ropeway project.
  • Creation of additional revenue sources from ropeway projects.
  • Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM)

    • Project development
    • Financial closure
    • Vendor Management & Manufacturing
    • Installation & commissioning
    • Operation & maintenance

    Operation &

    We offer the technical expertise, precision, skill and training required to maintain the safety and security of ropeway operations.

    Our Certifications

    Defined processes and Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

    Technical & Safety audits

    Annual inspection by technical experts

    Predictive, Condition Based & Preventive Maintenance

    Technical & Safety audits

    Consultancy &
    Technical Audit

    Conducting feasibility studies, technical reports and other advisory services for your project.

    Feasibility study

    Detailed Project Report (DPR)

    Project management consultancy

    Technical Audits

    Detailed Project Report (DPR)

    with us

    A new ropeway project? How do you make a ropeway project viable? Looking for a career? We would like to hear from you!