Purpose and Values

Usha Breco Group is in direct touch with its customers, be it ropeways, education, real estate or travel businesses. The very purpose of the Group’s existence is to provide safe and reliable services thereby ensuring full value for money to its millions of esteemed customers across different sectors. Having understood the customers’ requirements, sincere efforts are made to examine the smallest of possibilities, thereby delighting the customers by scrupulously and painstakingly catering to all their needs and aspirations.

As for the Group’s values – Credibility, Trust and Ethics are and shall always be central to our core values. Our conduct with the customers and other stakeholders, shall never betray the values that we stand for. We also believe in keeping our unflinching commitment towards the society by working for their betterment in an environment friendly manner, especially in areas that are in close proximity our business units.

Usha Breco has always nurtured a Global dream for the 21st century. At par with international standards, the group is committed to delivering the best of services to its customers. It may not be incorrect to say that the very foundation of this group is laid on the trust of its customers. We remain indebted to our esteemed customers who have patronized our services for more than four decades since 1969. We strive to maintain trustworthy and cordial relationship with them on a long-term basis.

The group takes immense pride in some of the most essential abstracts viz; honesty, discipline, integrity, teamwork, sharing, responsibility e.t.c. Built on with such values, UBL has shared its success and shall continue to do so with its customers, shareholders, employees and all partners and collaborators associated with the group.

In this highly competitive global environment, the group believes that its strength lies in its committed team members backed by strong ethics and a selfless work culture. The pan India presence through its various business entities has helped the Group to position itself aptly well, amongst its customers and earned a noteworthy reputation in the business circles.

Through the vision envisaged, the group takes its inspiration and sense of purpose to excel in whatever it does and sincerely strives towards delivering on the commitments made to the customers & stakeholders. It also earnestly aspires to be socially and environmentally committed and has taken strides in these areas too. As the group moves forward, the aim is to make this commitment a sustainable one – benefiting all.

Usha Breco Group has always stood for its enshrined values, and has delivered on its commitments. This is what it takes along and shares with all the stakeholders, as it moves forward locally and globally.